Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password. How can I recover?

On the login page, click on the link "Forgot your password?" then follow the instructions.

I changed my email address. How do I connect to the site?

If you've changed your email address, use your previous email address to login. You can then update the address by going to your personal space.

What are the features of my client area?

online space is presented in different tabs: Profile, projects supported, wallet and notifications.

Your espce donor is important to inform the receiving address of your rewards and manage any refunds.

Managing your contributions.

To participate in a project, simply click on either the link or contribute directly choose a contribution.

The entire payment transaction is made via secure solution partner payment institution LEMONWAY and implemented by MIPISE mode.

If the project does not reach the minimum amount requested from the end date of collection, you will be refunded with no fees. If instead this amount is reached or exceeded, MIPISE proceed at the end of the campaign to charge your e-wallet and credit electronic wallet MANAGER, which may well have money collected for his project.

The inscription on MIPISE is free?

Yes, you have free access to the site and all its features.

How can I help the project the MANAGER I support?

You can support projects beyond your financial contribution by relaying on your social networks. For this, various options available to you:

Once you have made contribution you can share with your own social networks.

So you can post the project on Facebook, Twitter, send it by email or use the widget to place on your blog or on your website.

Can I contribute to several projects at once?

Yes, no problem.

Can I participate anonymously?

Yes, you can use a nickname on your registration form. You can also decide not to publish your contribution to the project. To do this, simply select the option on the summary page of your contribution.

Can I hide the amount of my contribution?

The amount of your contribution is never made public. Only MANAGER must know that you have access to this information.

How do I get alerted when I support the project reaches its goal?

You will be informed by e-mail at the end of the campaign of the project and the achievement of its objective or not.

Can I cancel my contributions?

Yes, simply apply to MIPISE by sending an email to the following address:

Can I change the amount of my contribution?

If you want to change your contribution, you can create a new transaction for your new desire and seek parallel cancellation of your previous transaction using the procedure below.

I accept the Terms of the Site MIPISE Are a contract with the MANAGER?

The Terms clarify the terms and conditions of the site and as contrate consitutes a tripartite between the MANAGER, MIPISE and yourself.

My contributions they give rights to shares?

No p. The contributions are recognized as donations or support for MANAGER. There is no notion of ownership.

When I support a project, what personal information is sent to the MANAGER?

Only your personal information (address, email, phone) will be sent to MANAGER so he can send you your counterparties. Other information is of course confidential, including your banking information will never be disclosed.

Why am I being asked for my date of birth?

The information requested are those imposed by the regulations on electronic money in France. The information requested help ensure the identity of the e-wallet holder. This constraint therefore aims to protect yourself to avoid any risk of fraud for.

What are the payment methods available on the site?

On the MIPISE site, you can pay by credit card or by bank transfer according to the choice of MANAGER.

How to change my bank details?

Your details will be required for each payment by credit card and at each transfer request. It is not necessary to modify or enter your credit card details outside of these events.

Also, you will never receive emails asking you to change your bank details.

My payment has not been accepted. What can I do?

transactions you make by credit card require strong authentication with secure authorization from your bank in real time.

Thus, if one of your transactions is refused, we recommend that you wait a few minutes and try again, and contact your bank if the problem persists.

How to transfer credit from my wallet to my bank account?

Following the completion of a project that has not reached its goal, you can transfer the credit to your wallet to the bank account of your choice. To do this, simply make a transfer request via the tab purses and click on "Bank Transfer" and follow the instructions.

Bank transfer I asked was not done to date. What to do?

The average processing time for a transfer request is 5 (five) working days. We will send you an email as soon as the transfer is made. If you encounter a problem, contact us on the site MIPISE.

payments are made secure?

All your banking information related to your transactions are encrypted and secured via a chain of trust authorized and certified by the regulatory authorities. Payment solution used is that of the company LEMONWAY.

How the flow of money are they?

The entire transaction is done securely. Once selected and validated contribution, the donor is asked to inform the necessary payment for the transaction via our secure form data.

The amount of the payment is credited to your validated e-wallet MIPISE available on the site.

When the collection is successful, MIPISE reverse to the project the net amount collected fees received from the project manager by debiting your electronic wallet.

However, if the goals are not met, it is proposed that is to be repaid to the bank account of your choice (your wallet held on MIPISE is debited for the amount paid) or to keep the funds your wallet for carrying out another operation.

Can I pay by check?

No, our chain of payments, can secure and guarantee the integrity of the payment transaction. Our architecture account can ensure a perfect seal responsibilities throughout the cycle of collection.

That is, as long as the project is not successfully completed, the money is not paid to the project and that no transfer of ownership.

There's he costs related to financial transactions supported by the MANAGER?

Yes, they are included in the fees charged by MIPISE with MANAGER.

Can I deduct my interests from my taxes?

Unfortunately not, since MANAGER is not an association of general interest. .

What will happen if a project reaches its goal before the date?

MANAGER can choose whether to continue the campaign in particular according to the wishes of users and donors.

What will happen when a project does not reach its goal of fundraising?

The collection is not validated and MANAGER receives no contributions. Donors can then choose to be reimbursed.

When the project has achieved its goal, how the MANAGER receive his money?

Donor contributions are stored on their electronic wallet Donor Mipise. When the collection is successful, the amount collected goes directly to the electronic wallet held by MANAGER. The total amount collected will then be paid into the bank account MANAGER.

How to follow a project?

You can go directly to the project page to monitor the project you want to follow.

You will receive an email from MANAGER at each stage of the project.

Thus, you will receive news of this project, additional information data being collected by MANAGER.

there a "widget" to share or export projects on blogs or social networks?

Yes, you can place a widget on your website or page for that you just go to the page describing the project and click on the link to add. A window opens and offers two formats widget to integrate. Then simply copy the code and insert it in your pages. You will then become the vehicle for success.

projects and widgets are there in RSS format?

Yes, of course.